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Ramon Cabrera Wins Florida State League Batting Title

Ramon Cabrera has won the Florida State League batting title, and the Bradenton Marauders are headed to the playoffs. The linked article is a preview of their series from the perspective of their opponent, the St. Lucie Mets.

Cabrera's .343 average was 21 points higher than the next-closest player, teammate Eleyvs Gonzalez. Another Marauder, Adalberto Santos, came in fourth in the league with a .314 average. Bradenton, as a team, put up much better hitting numbers than any other.

The degree to which the home park in Bradenton helps Marauders hitters isn't yet clear to me, but there's something going on there - several Marauders posted pretty big home-road splits. But it's worth noting that the Marauders' raw pitching stats were about average for the league, which essentially means that they had a really good team all-around, despite not really having a lot of older players. Their pitching staff isn't exactly young, but their hitters are.

I'm still not big on Cabrera as a prospect, but he's doing everything he can to establish himself - he's still only 21, he walked more often than he struck out this year, and he posted a .410 on-base percentage. And he's a switch-hitting catcher.