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Could Pirates Claim Fernando Martinez?

Grant Brisbee (via WHYG Zane Smith) speculates that the Pirates could claim outfielder Fernando Martinez, who the Mets recently placed on waivers.

There's a chance that Fernando Martinez clears waivers, but let's be honest, there are teams that just live for players like this to come on waivers. Some of them may or may not be named after people who attack and plunder ships at sea.

I had a similar thought when Martinez was cut - this one has Neal Huntington written all over it. Martinez is still only 23, and he's hit reasonably well at Class AAA.

He's been a disaster in limited opportunities in the majors, and he hasn't developed much. Looking back on his performance record, a lot of his status as a top prospect was tied up with age relative to league. He also hasn't had a lot of mobility recently due to his injuries, so he's probably a liability on defense. He probably isn't ever going to be very good. But, you know, that's why he's available on waivers. Huntington loves former top prospects, and he loves guys he can get cheaply, so it wouldn't surprise me at all to see him put in a claim here. The Bucs don't necessarily need another outfielder right now, but I could certainly see Huntington grabbing him and putting him at Class AAA.

Update (by Vlad): Martinez was claimed by the Astros, who were first in line for waiver priority.