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Carlos Pena, Chris Snyder Sign Elsewhere

A couple Pirates-related notes today:

-P- Carlos Pena signed with the Rays. Most of us here aren't really expecting the Pirates to sign a first baseman at this point, just hoping for it. This decreases the likelihood that will happen.

-P- Chris Snyder signed with the Astros. There was a minor groundswell of support for re-signing Snyder here, in part because Michael McKenry is no great shakes and Rod Barajas can't be counted on for more than 100 games or so. There were never any serious rumors connecting him to the Bucs, however. It looks like the Pirates are set with Barajas, McKenry and possibly Jose Morales.

These moves don't prove a whole lot, but they don't exactly refute the thesis that the Pirates are probably done making major moves this offseason.