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Neal Huntington: Pirates Would Need 'Dramatic Overpay' To Trade Andrew McCutchen

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Neal Huntington says in this interview that in order to trade Andrew McCutchen, he would need another team to offer a "dramatic overpay." That's pretty much what we'd hope he would say, of course -- you'd want him to listen if an amazing offer came along, but with McCutchen still under team control for four more years, there's no pressing reason to trade him.

That said, it's a drag that Huntington has been here for four years and we're still talking about this. If Huntington's first two first-round picks were looking better, I doubt anyone would be asking him about trading McCutchen, because there would clearly be a pretty exciting groundswell of young talent in Pittsburgh. Now, though, there's a big age gap between McCutchen and the rest of the Pirates' best young players. So while I still think the four years of control makes a McCutchen deal unlikely, it isn't a possibility that they can dismiss outright.

Huntington also talks about how he added "veteran leadership" this offseason in Clint Barmes, Rod Barajas and Erik Bedard.

Via MLB Trade Rumors.