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Ben Sheets to start for Braves Wednesday, then retire

The former Brewers starter will pitch once more against the Pirates, then call it a career.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Ben Sheets will start tomorrow against the Pirates, and he will retire after the season, Mark Bowman reports.

This obviously isn't in the same category as Chipper Jones retiring, but Sheets was a great talent before his career was torn apart by injuries. He spent his best years in the NL Central, with the Brewers, and I'll remember his curveball as being a really terrifying pitch, especially early in his career.

He's started eight games for the Braves this year, but at 34 and with a long, long injury history behind him, it's hardly a surprise that this would be it. He hasn't pitched since August, and should only pitch a couple innings tomorrow. He'll finish his career with at least 1323 strikeouts over 1595.2 innings.