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Andrew McCutchen wins Gold Glove Award


Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

That Andrew McCutchen just won a Gold Glove award is, frankly, ridiculous. He isn't half the centerfielder Michael Bourn is, and he's also not as good as Jon Jay or Bryce Harper or Chris Young or Drew Stubbs or Cameron Maybin or who knows who else. The statistics indicate he's not, and, more to the point, I don't even know of any Pirates fans who have tried to make a serious case that McCutchen is an above-average centerfielder. His throwing wasn't particularly good this year, and he didn't do well when he had to go back on balls. In fact, to the extent that we talked about McCutchen's defense this year, it was mostly in the context of discussions about whether he should be moved from the position in favor of the clearly-superior Starling Marte. (And now that McCutchen has a Gold Glove, casual Pirates fans will perceive the team as being that much stupider if they try to make the right call.)

So I'm not sure what this is about. It speaks very poorly of the coaches that they continue to vote for players who don't deserve these awards, and as a Pirates fan, it's hard for me to appreciate an award for a Pirates player that the player clearly doesn't deserve. Give him some kind of gold thing for his hitting. Just not for his fielding.

And lest this come off as anti-Pirates, Clint Barmes arguably deserved to win a Gold Glove, and for playing the hardest position on the diamond. Appropriately enough, the voters ignored him completely.