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Gerrit Cole, Trevor Bauer reportedly don't like each other

Trevor Bauer's struggles with the Diamondbacks probably weren't a surprise to Gerrit Cole, according to one report.

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Joe Robbins

Tom Singer reports that Gerrit Cole and Trevor Bauer, former teammates at UCLA and the first and third overall picks in the 2011 draft, don't like each other.

It became so bitter that as they both went through their first Major League Spring Trainings earlier this year, they flatly declined to comment on each other’s situations.

I don’t know the roots of the dispute — but I imagine somewhere Cole was nodding knowingly last week when rumors surfaced that the D-backs were already shopping Bauer because his attitude during his brief big-league baptismal last summer had been a turn-off.

There have been trade rumors surrounding Bauer, whose attitude has reportedly irked the Diamondbacks.

It's not necessarily significant that Cole and Bauer don't like each other, and the lack of specifics in Singer's article makes it tough to comment on further. But, as Singer points out, the rivalry between the two of them could be an interesting storyline later, particularly if Bauer stays in the National League.