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Daniel McCutchen signs with Orioles

A former Pirate finds a new home with the O's.

Jared Wickerham

The Orioles have signed Daniel McCutchen to a minor-league deal. That the Pirates got through the 2012 season without using No Relation much at all is a credit to them. (The circumstances of his only major-league outing this year aren't really a credit to the Bucs, but we'll leave that aside for now.) Until he adds a few miles per hour to his fastball or something, he's a Class AAA pitcher -- a pretty good one, but a Class AAA pitcher nonetheless. He's good depth to have around, but no one you worry about losing.

McCutchen leaves the Bucs behind after 108 career big-league appearances, 73 of them in 2011.

And by the way: A lesser blogger might have headlined this post "Orioles Acquire McCutchen." I didn't. You're welcome.