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Buster Posey wins NL MVP award

Andrew McCutchen was a finalist, but the award went to the young Giants catcher.

Ezra Shaw

Buster Posey, as expected, has won the NL MVP award, getting 27 first-place votes, way ahead of second-place finisher Ryan Braun, who had three. Obviously, Andrew McCutchen didn't win; he says it was "an honor just to be nominated."

This looks like some nice work, for a change, by the voters. (Although they didn't do nearly so well on the AL side, where Miguel Cabrera won over Mike Trout.) Posey was the league's best player this year, and Braun probably truly was the second-best. As for McCutchen, he's right -- just getting nominated was a big deal. Hopefully, he'll be even better next season, and win a couple MVP awards outright in the next several years.

UPDATE: McCutchen finished third, with six second-place votes, 13 third-place votes, and 11 fourth-place votes. Yadier Molina finished fourth, and Chase Headley fifth.