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Jim Tracy reportedly a finalist for Blue Jays job

The Blue Jays are reportedly considering hiring Jim Tracy. Wait, what?

Stephen Dunn

Buster Olney says the Blue Jays are considering Jim Tracy and Jim Riggleman for their managerial job. I agree with David:

If Jim Tracy is actually a finalist for the #BlueJays managerial job, I have to recalibrate everything I think about the organization.

Tracy would be an incredibly weird hire for a smart team like the Blue Jays. He was the Pirates' worst manager of the past two decades, and he had some pretty strict competition in that area -- he was a terrible leader, frequently throwing players under the bus, and he fetishized the expensive, not-really-that-great Dodgers teams he managed. And it's not as if he was much-loved in Colorado, where he managed from 2009 until he quit last month.

Of course, Jim Riggleman is no great prize, either. Weird. One would think the Blue Jays could do a bunch better than this.