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Pirates sign Felix Pie

Ed Zurga

The Pirates have signed outfielder Felix Pie to a minor-league contract. Pie, who will be 28 in February, posted a .797 OPS for Class AAA Gwinnett last year. He probably won't make an impact at the major-league level, and the Pirates really aren't a great organization right now for a toolsy outfielder trying to find a spot on the big club, but he's arguably not totally irrelevant. He was horrible for the Orioles in 2011, but his 2009 and 2010 seasons were pretty good years for a part-time player. I've been a fan of Pie's since I saw him in Daytona in 2004, when he was a top prospect for the Cubs. It doesn't look like a good major-league career is in his future, but he's still young enough that it's hard to really know for sure.