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Ali Solis off Pirates' roster already

Ali Solis is already off the Pirates roster, after spending just a few days there.


After claiming catcher Ali Solis from the Padres just days ago, Solis is already off the Pirates' roster. Apparently the Pirates were just hoping to sneak him through waivers to provide catching depth in the minors, which makes sense, because it really didn't look like Solis was the sort of player who would last on the 40-man roster all offseason. The Pirates' effort to keep him just might work, although, as we saw from the Brian Jeroloman waiver-claiming war last year (where the Pirates claimed Jeroloman from the Blue Jays and dropped him off the roster, only to see the Jays reclaim him and drop him from their roster yet again), it might not. In either case, the drama will surely be prime-time-worthy.