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Daniel McCutchen, Jeff Clement, others become minor-league free agents

Jared Wickerham

Via Baseball America, here's the list of the Pirates' minor-league free agents.

RHP: Mike Crotta (AAA), Jose Diaz (AAA), Kris Harvey (AA), Logan Kensing (AAA), Daniel McCutchen (AAA), Doug Salinas (HiA), Tim Wood (AAA)

LHP: Jo-Jo Reyes (AAA)

C: Jose Morales (AAA), Miguel Perez (AAA)

1B: Jeff Clement (AAA), Nick Evans (AAA), Jeff Larish (AAA), Christian Marrero (AAA), Gerlis Rodriguez (LoA)

3B: Vince Harrison (LoA), Hector Luna (AAA), Dallas McPherson (AAA)

OF: Brandon Boggs (AAA)

McCutchen, Crotta and Clement are the names Pirates fans are most likely to recognize, of course, but there isn't anyone here the Pirates will miss.

I'll let Vlad and others do the picking over the rest of this list, but Bryan Anderson of the Cardinals might be one guy the Pirates could consider picking up for Indianapolis, given their needs at catcher and the way he's hit in the past.