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Neal Huntington, Pirates front office to stay

Neal Huntington will not be fired, Bob Nutting says.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

This is no surprise if you've been reading here recently, but it looks like it's official: Bob Nutting says Neal Huntington will not be fired, and neither will anyone else. Also, Nutting says the Pirates will look to increase payroll (though it's impossible to say what that means from just a tweet), and will probably stop doing military-style drills.

Everybody's happy now, right? Go Pirates!

Anyway, we've discussed this ad nauseam this offseason, and in a way, it's nice not to have to speculate about Huntington or this Hoka Hey stuff so much anymore, even though I think Huntington probably should have been let go, just not for reasons related to the drills. In an earlier thread, some of you suggested that, even if Nutting wanted to fire Huntington at this point, it probably would look like he was doing so in response to a couple columns in the Trib, and that wouldn't look good for anyone concerned. I would expect Nutting to revisit this issue in late April or so if the Pirates do horribly, and after the draft if they don't.