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Could Rick Porcello for Joel Hanrahan be a fit?

Doug Pensinger

With the Tigers signing Anibal Sanchez, Buster Olney (among others) wonders if a trade involving Rick Porcello and Joel Hanrahan might be in order.

Total speculation: You have to wonder if there could be a deal built around Porcello-Hanrahan. DET could use closer, PIT needs starters.

If the Tigers can be convinced to do something like this (and they probably shouldn't be, but I don't think that organization values young talent nearly as highly as many do), I love this idea. Porcello still isn't yet 24. He's a former top prospect whose velocity took a step forward last season (from 90.2 MPH to 92.0). He has good control and gets ground balls, so he would benefit immensely from working with Clint Barmes and company rather than with Detroit's joke of an infield defense. There's probably some additional upside there as well, due to his age and the fact that he's still working on his breaking stuff. Getting Porcello back for Joel Hanrahan would be tremendous value for the Pirates.