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Pirates trade rumors: Rangers could be interested in Joel Hanrahan

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

Ken Rosenthal writes that Texas could be a destination for Joel Hanrahan. It's worded ambiguously, so you can't tell whether he's reporting there's actual interest or whether he's just speculating, but it sounds like it's the former.

Don’t rule the Rangers out of the Joel Hanrahan trade derby. The Pirates continue to listen on Hanrahan, and the Rangers still want to add to their bullpen, sources said.

The Dodgers and Tigers are among the other teams that have been linked to Hanrahan, though the interest of both clubs is tempered by the closer’s contract status ...

The Rangers initially will be without two right-handed relievers who are coming off Tommy John surgery — Joakim Soria, who could return in May, and Neftali Feliz, who is out until at least the end of July.

In addition to Hanrahan, the team is exploring other trade and free-agent options.

It's hard to tell. But it doesn't sound like the Hanrahan trade market is really much of a market. Again, I think it may turn out that the Pirates' best course of action might be to keep him, hope he pitches well, and then ship him to some desperate team in July.

Hanrahan himself, meanwhile, defends himself from criticisms of his conditioning.

"Always been big. Dropped weight 1 year and was terrible. If U want me to throw 88-90, I'll not eat for 3 weeks."

It's the Jose Diaz defense!