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Pirates looking at Dee Gordon or Jose Iglesias in potential Joel Hanrahan trade, according to report

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

John Perrotto now says the Pirates' Joel Hanrahan trade plans have shifted following their deal with Francisco Liriano.

Am told #Pirates now targeting #Dodgers SS Dee Gordon and #RedSox SS Jose Iglesias in Hanrahan trade talks now that Liriano in fold.

This is Perrotto, so who knows. For the record, though, Iglesias couldn't hit his way out of a paper bag. His defense, however, is supposed to be tremendous, earning him comparisons to Brendan Ryan, who's routinely well above replacement despite having no bat whatsoever. If Iglesias' defense is that good, and if scouts feel he can improve somewhat on offense (he posted a .624 OPS at Pawtucket and a .391 OPS in 68 at-bats in the big leagues), he might be a good acquisition, but the Pirates would really have to trust their scouts on that one.

Dee Gordon has received a ton of hype as a prospect. I'm not sure I've ever totally understood it. He's run a lot and hit for some empty batting averages in the minors. His defense was apparently atrocious for the Dodgers last year, although that will probably improve, since he has the tools to make amazing-looking plays. He'll be 24.

I don't think Joel Hanrahan has a ton of value, so I suppose beggars can't really be choosers. If the Pirates can get Gordon for Hanrahan, that would make sense, given Gordon's youth and lack of service time. Iglesias might well make sense as well. But I'm not that excited about either of them.

In any case, the takeaway here is that, with the Liriano signing, the Pirates are less likely to trade Hanrahan for a starting pitcher.