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Pirates trade rumors: Red Sox 'close' to trade for Joel Hanrahan

Justin K. Aller

Gordon Edes writes that the Pirates and Red Sox are "close" to a deal for Joel Hanrahan, although one source tells him there is "still work to be done." The piece doesn't provide anything new about what the Pirates might receive in return. So far, the names we've heard include Felix Doubront (who the Red Sox are reportedly unwilling to give up), Jose Iglesias, and Franklin Morales. (Iglesias is the shortstop with amazing defense who can't hit at all; Doubront is a starter, and Morales is a swingman type.) Edes quotes a source saying the Pirates are looking for a "significant return."

Stay tuned.

UPDATE 1:59 PM: Jon Heyman says Iglesias is not part of the trade talks right now, which will come as a relief to many of you.

UPDATE 2:38 PM: Bill Brink says the deal is "not close yet."