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Joel Hanrahan trade now may include Mark Melancon, Jerry Sands, Stolmy Pimentel

Jared Wickerham

There's no actual news here yet that wasn't in the last thread, but you can consider this an overflow thread to discuss the Joel Hanrahan trade.

Here's what we know: The Pirates and Red Sox have agreed to a trade which would send Joel Hanrahan and one other player to Boston. In return, the Pirates would get Jerry Sands, Stolmy Pimentel, and two other players. One of those players may or may not be reliever Mark Melancon, which might make the deal much better, from the Pirates' perspective. Melancon struggled last season, but his good stuff, solid peripherals and ground ball rate make him a decent bet to bounce back, and if he does, the Pirates will have a good reliever under control for several more years.

Sands is a medium-upside, acceptable option in a corner for a team that has a ton of medium-upside, acceptable options in the corners. Pimentel is a C-grade starting pitching prospect.

Anyway, much depends on the two-and-a-half players whose identities aren't yet known, obviously. Continue discussing the trade here, and I'll add updates as they come in.