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Pirates DFA Chad Beck

Mike Zarrilli

So long, Chad Beck, we hardly knew ye. Actually, we didn't know ye at all. Beck was designated for assignment as the Pirates added Mark Melancon, Jerry Sands and Stolmy Pimentel to the 40-man roster. That the Pirates claimed Beck in the first place already didn't make a ton of sense, so it's no surprise that he didn't make it far with them.

The Bucs claimed Beck from the Jays last month, at around the same time they claimed Ali Solis from the Padres. This marks the second straight year the Pirates have claimed a catcher and a pitcher from the Jays and Padres (they claimed Brian Jeroloman and Jeremy Hefner last year), only to boot the catcher off the roster in November and the pitcher in December. None of this means anything at all, except that we all pay too much attention to this stuff.