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Bucs Dugout Podcast: On the Joel Hanrahan and Francisco Liriano moves (with Marc Normandin)

Marc Normandin joins us to talk about the Joel Hanrahan trade on the latest edition of the Bucs Dugout Podcast.

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On this edition of the Bucs Dugout Podcast, David and I discuss the Francisco Liriano and Joel Hanrahan moves and their implications for the Pirates. Also, we welcome Marc Normandin of Baseball Nation and Over the Monster to discuss the Hanrahan deal.

David's interview with Alex Speier is here.

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UPDATE by Charlie: I'm having trouble getting this on ITunes. If anyone can upload the podcast to Bucs Dugout as an asset -- my computer won't ever let me do that, for some reason -- I'd appreciate it, because then I can send it ITunes. The reasons why that's the case are complicated, but trust me.

Here's another way to download the podcast, if SoundCloud doesn't work: