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Pirates rumors: Jason Grilli excited about ... something

Joe Sargent

Jason Grilli on Twitter Wednesday morning:

Early trip to Nashville. Long journey to get to this point but this is what I worked for. Will be a full day. #pumped

One needn't read too far between the lines to guess that Grilli will be signing for someone soon, whether that's the Pirates or someone else. As David Todd points out, whatever he signs for will likely be more money than he's made in his entire career to this point.

Obviously, it would be excellent to have Grilli back, particularly given the trade rumors involving Joel Hanrahan. But the Pirates shouldn't go overboard here -- Grilli was brilliant last season, but he just turned 36, and relievers often vanish into the woodwork just as quickly as they emerged from it. It's worth remembering that Grilli himself was a free-talent acquisition less than two years ago. Grilli might have two more great years in him, or he might not. I hope the Pirates can sign him, but they obviously can't go longer than two years, and they shouldn't overpay. Two years and $7 million is one figure that's been thrown around; I don't think I'd go higher than that.