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Pirates 'embrace the suck'

Justin K. Aller

You know, I don't want to talk about this. It's stupid, it's distracting, and it's meaningless. But we're all going to hear about it, because "Embrace The Suck," a phrase that's on a "Hoka Hey" poster that was very recently displayed (if it's not displayed right this second) at Pirate City, is an even snappier slogan to sum up 20 years of futility than "Operation Shutdown" was. It's not as if this if getting this photo would have even required any crazy detective work. There's security on Pirate City, but it's not exactly on lockdown -- when I was there last year, I got a tour of pretty much the whole building. And Dejan Kovacevic has already said that he's had players telling him they don't like the "Hoka Hey" stuff. Congratulations, Pirates -- you've got to be less media-savvy than anyone this side of Joe Amendola.