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Royals trade future of organization for James Shields, Wade Davis

J. Meric


Huge #Rays trade is Shields AND Davis (and PTBNL) to #Royals for OF Myers, RHP Odorizzi, LHP Montgomery, 3B Leonard

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the portion of the offseason where we can all forget our differences and give each other handshakes and big hugs and casserole dishes or whatever, and all appreciate that at least we're not Royals fans.

Yes, James Shields and Wade Davis are very good pitchers signed to smart contracts, even if Davis will probably ultimately be most successful out of the bullpen. But the Royals aren't close to competing, and they still don't have much of a rotation. Wil Myers is a tremendous prospect, one of the best in the game, and he could well be an impact player in the Rays outfield, perhaps very soon. Jake Odorizzi profiles as a good mid-rotation starter. Mike Montgomery is a former top prospect who probably isn't going to make it, but Patrick Leonard is a low-minors lottery ticket who John Sickels identifies as a breakout candidate.

If the Royals had the sort of team that could win now, this would make more sense, but it would still be an overpay. For a 72-win team, this move makes no sense whatsoever, and it could end up being stratospherically worse than any move the Pirates have made in the past two decades, depending on how you want to look at the Jose Bautista trade. Rob Neyer just called this "the worst trade in MLB history." I mean, wow. I'm speechless.