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Pirates Trade Rumors: A.J. Burnett Deal With Yankees Looks More Likely Than Ever

Here's a summary of A.J. Burnett rumors so far on Sunday:

-P- Buster Olney writes that the Pirates and Yankees have plenty of "common ground" and that they're "settling details." Who knows if this will happen or not, but it sounds more likely today than it did earlier this weekend.

-P- As I mentioned below, Jon Heyman tweets that the Pirates have offered two minor-leaguers for Burnett, and that offer doesn't really excite the Yankees. But Heyman still thinks the Pirates will be able to get done by taking on $13-15 million in salary.

$15 million would probably be too much to pay, but overall, this is good news. It sounds like there's a good chance the Pirates are going to get this done without giving up much of anything except money, which is what I was hoping for.

-P- Tim retweeted a rumor from some writer in San Diego that the Yankees could be interested in Nick Kingham being part of the trade. I wouldn't worry about that for a second -- I don't think that will happen in a million years, unless other players are involved. Trading prospects that good isn't really a part of Neal Huntington's M.O., especially when trading for a mid- to back-of-the-rotation type of starter with a bloated contract. Also, Heyman notes that the Pirates are primarily worried about keeping their prospects, not the amount of money they spend. Even in a worst-case scenario where the Pirates somehow get hosed in this deal, I'd expect the problem to be that they took on too much salary, not that they gave up quality prospects.