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A.J. Burnett Trade 'Likely,' With Pirates Giving Up $13-15 Million, According To Report

Jon Heyman tweets that the trade for A.J. Burnett appears "likely":

#yankees, #pirates still talking aj. deal likely to get done w/ bucs paying $13-15M of $33M, & giving up 2 non-roster guys

$13-15 million is a lot to give up, and I would certainly hope that at that price, the Pirates won't be giving up anyone of consequence. I'm confident they won't. Some of the names I've seen floated around Twitter and on message boards -- Nick Kingham, Zack Von Rosenberg -- are just ridiculous, and even if you want to argue that Neal Huntington is an idiot, he's not that kind of idiot.) I'd rather the Pirates give up a little too much money than to have them give up actual prospects. And I'm glad they're finally on the cusp of doing something about the awful hole in their rotation. This isn't a move that's worth getting excited about, but as long as they're not giving up any good prospects, it's a responsible move that could help prevent disaster this season.