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A.J. Burnett Trade: Yankees Reportedly Want More From Pirates

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Someone, presumably someone from the Yankees, tells Joel Sherman what's holding up the A.J. Burnett deal:

Heard #Yankees would do AJ deal if #Pirates took on north of $13M of $33M owed. But so far, Pit offered to eat $10M give up 2 blah prospects

If this is truly what's going on, then I think pretty much all of us would regard this as good news. Most importantly, it sounds like the Pirates aren't willing to give up good prospects in this deal, as most of us agree that they shouldn't be. I wouldn't mind seeing the Pirates take on a couple million more if that's what's required -- it's not my money, and as we've seen, it's not that easy for the Bucs to spend on good starting pitching in the free agent market. But it sounds like the Pirates are in a decent negotiating position here. If the Pirates are currently offering to take $10 million and the Yankees want them to take $13 million, then I bet something like $12 million will eventually get the job done. If the prospects are, in fact, "blah," then I'm okay with that.