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93.7 The Fan Tells Hosts To Avoid Talking About Frank Coonelly's DUI

93.7 The Fan has told its hosts not to talk about Frank Coonelly's DUI, Deadspin reports. Mark Madden mentioned that on Twitter earlier today, but it's Madden, so I decided to ignore it.

The topic apparently may only be discussed on the station in news updates. The decision by station management at 93.7 KDKA-FM, The Fan—a CBS Radio-owned property—is currently being tossed around Yinzer circles on Twitter, and a source has just confirmed it to me directly.

The Pirates apparently have "nothing to do with" The Fan's decision, but that's the station that's broadcasting the Pirates' games this year. I listen to The Fan a fair amount when I'm in town. I hope their coverage of the team will be trustworthy this year. It's important to cover the bad news as well as the good news, obviously.

UPDATE: Chris Mueller evidently is talking about the Coonelly issue on The Fan tonight.