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Rays 4, Pirates 3

The Pirates lost to the Rays 4-3 Sunday afternoon as a ball evidently caromed off Doug Slaten's glove in the bottom of the ninth and scored two runs. I was listening on radio and not watching, but apparently what happened was that the Pirates were up by a run after Jake Fox's homer in the top of the inning. Slaten came in and allowed a single and a double, and then Chris Gimenez (remember him? The eighth-string catcher the Pirates nearly acquired this offseason?) hit a grounder that bounced off Slaten's glove and into left field. Both runners scored.

The Bucs managed only four hits, but two of them were homers -- in addition to Fox's shot, there was one by Pedro Alvarez in the fifth (Alvarez's second homer of the spring).

Kevin Correia pitched three scoreless innings to start the game. Justin Wilson entered and pitched two innings, striking out two and walking two while allowing two runs. Wilson has 4.2 innings pitched so far this spring, and six walks. That doesn't necessarily mean much, of course, but I do think he'd have a bunch of trouble with walks if he were in the real big leagues right now. Bryan Morris, Jared Hughes and Daniel Moskos each pitched scoreless innings after that (with two strikeouts apiece for Hughes and Moskos).