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For Pirates Fans, Diamondbacks' Roster Decisions Bear Watching

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The fact that Pirates fans don't even seem particularly interested in whether Rule 5 pick Brett Lorin returns speaks well of the increased depth in the Bucs' farm system. But nonetheless, this time of year typically is interesting with regard to Rule 5 picks, and the roster decisions of the Diamondbacks, who selected Lorin, could be interesting for Pirates fans for another reason as well.

The Diamondbacks have to decide whether to give Lorin a roster spot. They also have to decide what to do with their lefty relief corps. Craig Breslow and Joe Paterson are likely in, which could mean Mike Zagurski is out. Zagurski is out of options, and if the Diamondbacks do cut him, I'd expect the Pirates to take a long look, since they need lefties (and have some flexibility with them, since both Tony Watson and Daniel Moskos have options), and Zagurski is a potentially decent one.

Zagurski spent his entire career in the Phillies organization before a trade late last season. He's put up big strikeout numbers, with 71 strikeouts in 52.1 Class AAA innings in 2010 and 63 in 54.1 innings in 2011. He also has some walk issues that might become a problem in the majors, but hey, that's why he's fighting for a roster spot right now. He also apparently has pretty good velocity for a lefty.