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Pirates Vs. Blue Jays, 3 March 2012

I'm not sure there will be enough interest in every Spring Training game for each to have its own thread, but let's see how it goes for the first one and for any others that are widely televised. The game is in Dunedin at 1:05, and you can listen here.

James McDonald, Brad Lincoln, Chris Leroux, Tony Watson and Daniel McCutchen will all pitch.

UPDATE: Here are the lineups.

Tabata rf, Barmes ss, Walker 2b, McGehee 1b, Navarro 3b, McLouth cf, Fox dh, Hernandez lf, McKenry c. McDonald rhp

Escobar ss, Johnson 2b, Bautista rf, Lind 1b, Encarnacion dh, Rasmus cf, Lawrie 3b, Thames lf, Arencibia c. Cecil lhp