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Dodgers 3, Pirates 2


The Pirates lost 3-2 to the Dodgers last night. Jeff Karstens coughed up three first-inning runs on a single by Mark Ellis, a double by Matt Kemp, an HBP, a sacrifice fly and a couple more singles. There was only one hard-hit ball that inning, but given where the Bucs' offense is right now, that put the Pirates in a huge hole right away.

The Bucs got one back in the fifth on a long solo homer to center by Michael McKenry. They got another in the sixth on singles by Andrew McCutchen and Casey McGehee and a sacrifice fly by Yamaico Navarro. They also, unfortunately, left the bases loaded. The last three innings went quietly.

The Pirates struck out nine times and walked twice, including seven strikeouts and no walks by Chris Capuano. Capuano didn't look like he feared the Pirates in the least, frequently throwing straight down the chute with two strikes, and nearly as frequently catching the Bucs with the bats on their shoulders. The Pirates struck out looking an amazing number of times, often on pitches that were obviously, obviously strikes.