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Pirates Vs. Diamondbacks, 18 April 2012


James McDonald vs. Daniel Hudson, 3:40.

So the Bucs' bullpen went eight innings less than 24 hours ago, and they have a starter tonight who has been a bit shaky this season and doesn't typically pitch much more than six innings. Total speculation on my part, but I wonder if we might see Brad Lincoln pitch a couple innings tonight. He hasn't started at Indianapolis since Friday, and he isn't scheduled to pitch again until Tuesday.

UPDATE: Judging from Clint Hurdle's pregame chat with the media, it sounds like Lincoln could in fact be used in long relief.

Jose will again watch from the dugout. Barmes in the #2 hole. Today's Pirates lineup:

Alex Presley LF
Clint Barmes SS
Andrew McCutchen CF
Neil Walker 2B
Casey McGehee 1B
Garrett Jones RF
Pedro Alvarez 3B
Michael McKenry C
James McDonald P