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Keith Law: Deven Marrero Likely To Be Pirates' Pick In Draft

Here's what Keith Law has to say (subscription only) about the Pirates' selection at No. 8 in the upcoming draft:

Pittsburgh Pirates
Deven Marrero, SS, Arizona State

Most people saw Marrero as a top-five pick coming into the season, but he didn't have a great year for the Sun Devils. However, the entire industry seems to think the Pirates want him here. I have also heard them on Mississippi State right-hander Chris Stratton.

Law generally knows what he's talking about with these things. If the Pirates are going to draft Marrero, they'd better be clear on whether he can hit. Marrero is regarded as a very strong defender, but he isn't hitting at all this season, batting .261/.320/.404, which is one of the worst lines on his team. (He's hit better in the past.) A good defensive shortstop who can hit a little is very valuable; a good defensive shortstop who can't hit at the major-league level, not so much.