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Pirates Trade Drew Sutton (Yes, That Drew Sutton) To Tampa Bay

In terms of brief organizational careers this might take the cake. Was Charlie right, did the Pirates get confused? Ok, I'm sure that's not the case, but yesterday the Bucs acquired Drew Sutton from the Braves organization and today they have moved him to Tampa for cash or a PTBNL.

I'm just guessing Tampa didn't know Sutton was available and had a need and turned around and offered the Pirates something they deemed more valuable than the player himself. If you can buy something for a nickel and sell it for a dime, so be it, but it certainly is a bit odd.

Drew, we hardly knew ya. Good luck.

UPDATE: Sutton is reporting directly to Tampa and could be in the lineup tonight along with former Pirates farmhand Rich Thompson, who the Rays acquired last week. (Here is a good background story on Thompson.) It appears the Pirates will be acquiring a PTBNL, not cash.