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Contest: Play Pick 6, Win 2 Free Tickets For May 25 Vs. Cubs

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Bucs Dugout is giving away two free tickets to see the Pirates' Friday, May 25 game against the Cubs. (And yes, that's a Free Shirt Friday.) I'll be giving them away to the BD user who puts up the best score in SB Nation's new Pick 6 game today (Wednesday). Making your picks is easy -- just take a catcher, middle infielder, corner infielder, outfielder, starter and reliever, and keep your budget under $120. You have to be a Bucs Dugout user, though, and you have to be registered for the game through Bucs Dugout, so your picks will appear on the Bucs Dugout leaderboard. They're due at around 1:00 p.m., so get cracking. If there are any ties, the winners will compete tomorrow.

All entries are subject to the official rules, found here.