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Nationals Vs. Pirates: Clint Barmes Sits As Both Yamaico Navarro And Josh Harrison Start

Here's the Pirates' lineup against Ross Detwiler and the Nationals, and it's a weird one:

Jose Tabata RF
Neil Walker 2B
Andrew McCutchen CF
Pedro Alvarez 3B
Casey McGehee 1B
Yamaico Navarro LF
Rod Barajas C
Josh Harrison SS
Erik Bedard P

Alex Presley sits against the lefty. Clint Barmes also sits after not getting hits in his last three games. It's a little strange to have both Navarro and Harrison in the lineup, but I guess that's where we are right now. Barmes' terrible season continues, as he's currently hitting .159/.196/.307. I suppose now that I've pointed that out, he'll enter the game as a pinch-hitter and blast a three-run homer or something.

Of course, whether .159/.196/.307 constitutes a terrible season so far is really a matter of how you look at it. A random fan from the stands would probably do worse, for example. And, I mean, check this out: Barmes went 0-for-12 in his first four games of the season. He went 0-for-9 from April 20 to 22 and 0-for-13 from April 27 to May 1, and now he's 0-for-10 in his last three games. Throw out those four streaks, and he's actually hitting pretty well.

More seriously, though, tonight's lineup probably won't scare anyone, but Erik Bedard has 27 strikeouts in his last three outings.