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Pirates Sign Draft Picks Pat Ludwig, Tom Harlan

From Rob Biertempfel:

#Pirates sign dradft picks: Eric Wood (6), Jake Stallings (7), Pat Ludwig (10), Dalton Friend (12) Tom Harlan (13) and three others

Wood, Stallings and Friend we already knew about. I'd love to know who the "three others" are, but I suppose we'll find out soon enough.

I believe the Ludwig signing is new, although it's no real surprise, given that Ludwig was a college senior. The Pirates probably saved a bit of money against the pool with that one. Ludwig is a righty out of Yale.

Harlan was also a college senior, out of Fresno State. He was not in Baseball America's Top 500 prospects.

UPDATE: Ah, here are the rest.

20. Kyle Haynes, RHP
23. Lance Breedlove, RHP
25. Joshua Smith, LHP

Breedlove and Smith were seniors, out of Purdue and Wichita State, respectively. Haynes was a junior at VCU and was ranked the No. 25 prospect in Virginia.

Here's the list of confirmed signings so far. (A couple others are reportedly done, but nothing's official.)

2. Wyatt Mathisen, C
6. Eric Wood, 3B
7. Jake Stallings, C
10. Pat Ludwig, P
12. Dalton Friend, P
13. Tom Harlan, P
20. Kyle Haynes, P
23. Lance Breedlove, P
25. Joshua Smith, P

Pirates Prospects reports the Bucs have also agreed to terms with 11th-round pick Chris Diaz, a junior shortstop out of NC State.