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State College Spikes Considering Dropping Pirates

Cory Giger reports that the State College Spikes might look for another organization after the 2012 season, because the Pirates have never produced a winning team for them.

Winning isn't supposed to matter much in the minor leagues, and in the vast majority of cities it doesn't. But Spikes officials believe it matters a great deal in State College, and they have told the Pirates they want to win this season or they plan to look elsewhere.

"We're not one of these ownership groups that demands a winner every single year, but we haven't even put playoff tickets on sale," Spikes general manager Jason Dambach said. "We've never really even come close to the playoffs.

"So the mandate has been put out there. We didn't have a good team last year, and so it really doesn't make any sense to re-sign with the Pirates until September, if we are to do that."

Oh well. You can't really blame the Spikes for considering cutting ties with the Bucs, but you can't really fault the Pirates here either. They don't prioritize winning in the minor leagues, and they shouldn't. If State College doesn't want them, they'll pick up a team somewhere else. No biggie.