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Tony Sanchez Promoted To Indianapolis

The Pirates have promoted Tony Sanchez to Indianapolis. Sanchez wasn't doing anything too special in Altoona, but we've seen the Bucs make moves like this before when they had to figure out what they had in a player. Dejan Kovacevic also reports that the Pirates are interested in seeing what they have in Ramon Cabrera. Sanchez and Cabrera handled similar loads in Altoona, and of course catchers don't play behind the plate every day anyway, but we'll have to see if the Pirates beef up Cabrera's playing time. I'm a little skeptical how much Cabrera matters here, but if Cabrera had any bearing on the Sanchez decision, it doesn't speak well of the Pirates' opinion of Sanchez.

In any case, Sanchez hit .277/.370/.390 for Altoona in his second season there.

Of course there's no reason whatsoever to think this has much to do with the possibility that the Pirates will select Mike Zunino on Monday, but it will be very interesting if that's what they end up doing.