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2012 MLB Draft Open Thread, Day 2: Pirates Pick Wyatt Mathisen, Jonathan Sandfort

Coverage today starts at noon.

While you wait, here's a feature I wrote for SB Nation Pittsburgh about the Pirates' selection of Mark Appel.

The Mariners got Joe DeCarlo, who had been connected with the Pirates, with the No. 64 overall pick.

The Pirates get Wyatt Mathisen, a high-school catcher from Texas, in the second round. Jim Callis just called Mathisen the best high-school catcher in the draft. He's committed to the University of Texas. He also was regarded as one of the best players left available. It appears the Pirates certainly aren't going to bother taking "signable" players in order to free up money for Mark Appel, which I think is wise.

Here's MLB's scouting report on Mathisen:

It's common for a high school catcher to have to move to another position as a pro. Mathisen is the opposite, a player who's played elsewhere for his high school team who almost certainly will go back behind the plate as a pro. The University of Texas recruit mostly played shortstop and pitched for Calallen, but he has the build and the tools to be a good backstop. He has a strong arm and should be agile and athletic enough to be a good all-around defender. He has good raw power from the right side of the plate and he should hit for average as well as he develops. Because he hasn't caught much, it might take him a while to develop, but the end result could be a very good all-around catcher who can play the position every day at the highest level.

The Pirates' pool value for this pick is around $750,000, so we'll see if that's enough to sign him. Robbie Grossman and Colton Cain were both Texas commits; the Pirates paid only a little more to sign each of them. Josh Bell, also a Texas commit, obviously cost more, but Mathisen isn't Bell. In any case, the Pirates seem to delight in snagging Texas commits.

Via BadAndy, here's an article with some comments on Mathisen's signability:

"Somewhere between the second and third round for me," one National League scout opined about when Mathisen will be picked. "He wants to sign. I've got a feeling someone is going to give him the money he wants."

In the third round, the Pirates have taken Jonathan Sandfort, a righty high school pitcher from Florida who has a commitment to the University of Florida. He's 6-foot-6, 205, so this seems like a pretty standard Pirates pick. The pool value for this pick is about $463,000. From Minor League Ball:

Outstanding pitcher's build, strong with room to get stronger. Fastball to 92 mph, maintains velocity well, occasional arm side run. Very nice feel for change up, good arm speed and shows confidence in the pitch, soft curveball spin at present, needs more power in breaking ball, throws strikes and has an idea. Very athletic for his size.

With his body and velocity and the fact that he's still 17, there's probably a lot to dream on here. The Pirates haven't yet had a lot of success with these types of pitchers in the past few years, obviously, but in the third round, this seems fine.

In the fourth round, the Pirates have selected Brandon Thomas, a center fielder from Georgia Tech. He's a switch-hitter, and Jim Callis thinks he can stick in center (presumably due in part to good speed). He easily could have been a second-round pick, so again, the Pirates aren't going to let Scott Boras and Mark Appel dictate what they do here.

Kiley McDaniel (thanks to JCBucs):

Saw PIT 4th rd pick Ga Tech CF Brandon Thomas a few days ago. + run w/some power, v good athlete, some struggles with bat,everyday CF upside