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2012 MLB Draft Day 3: Open Thread

I might have said that it would be unlikely for there to be too many interesting picks today, but the Pirates did pick Walker Buehler in Round 14, so you never know.

I definitely won't write about every pick today, but I'll probably get to a lot of them.

16. Max Moroff, Florida HS SS. He has a commitment to UCF. This article also mentions Pirates third-round pick Jon Sandfort -- Sandfort's and Moroff's hometowns are near each other.

17. Hayden Hurst, Florida HS RHP. He's 6-foot-5, 235, so it appears he's not the willowy, "projectable" type -- he's just big. He had Tommy John surgery in eighth grade, at which point he was throwing 88 MPH. After he returned, he threw 94. Baseball America ranked him the No. 406 prospect in the draft. He's committed to Florida State.

18. John Kuchno, Ohio State RHP. He's 6-foot-5, 210, and he's a junior. Baseball America ranked him 9th in the state of Ohio and No. 364 overall. He struck out 59 batters and walked 30 in 74 innings for OSU this year.

19. Michael Peterson, California HS RHP. 6-foot-7, 190. There's the Neal Huntington we know! Baseball America ranked Peterson the No. 174 prospect in the state of California. He evidently sits at 89-90 MPH.

20. Kyle Haynes, VCU RHP. He's a junior, and he's 6-foot-2, 190. Ranked the No. 25 prospect in Virginia.

21. Jordan Steranka. Penn State 3B. He's a college senior and will be 23 in November. Probably not a prospect, but maybe it'll appease the angry State College Spikes folks a bit to have him there this summer. Hit .363/.395/.615 for PSU this year.

22. Taylor Hearn, Texas HS LHP. He's 6-foot-5 and skinny. He's committed to a community college, so he should be signable.

23. Lance Breedlove, Purdue RHP. A senior.

24. Tyler Gaffney, Stanford RF. Ran for 449 yards last year for Stanford's football team, and he's a junior, so I bet he won't be signable for whatever the Pirates can offer him here.

25. Joshua Smith, Wichita State LHP. A senior.

26. Jimmy Rider, Kent State 2B. A senior. Also, 5-foot-8. He's from Peters Township, so I'm sure he'll sign, like yesterday.

27. Jake Johansen, Dallas Baptist RHP. He's a junior. Dallas Baptist is also where Victor Black went to school. Baseball America ranked Johansen the No. 211 prospect in the country. He's had control problems, and he has a good fastball, so like Black, I imagine he'll probably be a reliever.

28. Thomas Mirabelli, Ohio HS 2B. Mirabelli went to the same high school as Stetson Allie. He's 5-foot-6. His dad is an executive with the Indians. The son has a commitment to Kansas.

29. Jacob Post, Indiana HS RHP. He's committed to Ohio State. He reportedly throws 86-87 MPH, and he's 6-foot-3.

30. Chase McDowell, Rice RHP. He's a junior, and he played outfield as well as pitched at Rice. He had Tommy John surgery last year, but returned to pitch this year. He only pitched 10 innings, however, so it probably makes sense for him to return to school.

31. Jack Moffit, Texas HS RHP. Committed to a junior college, so he's probably signable. The MLB database has his name listed as "Moffit," but a lot of sites have it listed as "Moffitt." A report:

DBAT righty Jack Moffitt can reach the low-90s with his fastball with great arm-side action and good command. His delivery is clean and consistent with an athletic ¾ slot. His curveball is tight and more of the 11 to 5 variety. His changeup is behind the breaker, and he tends to slow his delivery a bit with it, but it has a chance to be an effective third pitch.

32. Max Rossiter, C, Arizona State. He's a junior. He hit .326/.371/.449 this year, which, in case you're wondering, is better than teammate Deven Marrero in every category. Baseball America ranked Rossiter the No. 14 prospect in Arizona in a weak year for the state.

33. Carlos Leal, C, East Central CC. That's in Mississippi. There was a guy named Carlos Leal who played for the Pirates' VSL teams from 2007-2009, but this evidently isn't him. That's all I've got.

34. Ryan Rand, CF, Texas HS. He's committed to Texas A&M. It also sounds like he's an outstanding student. Neither of those things bode well for the Pirates signing him. Oh, and his father and grandfather both went to Texas A&M, and his grandfather also played football there.

35. Jackson McClelland, RHP, California HS. 6-foot-5, 220 pounds. Has a commitment to Pepperdine.

36. Brody Russell, 2B, California HS. He's committed to Fresno State. Baseball America lists him as their No. 494 prospect in the nation.

37. Jacob Waguespack, RHP, Louisiana HS. There's some scouting video here. He's a big guy, and it looks like he throws about 88 MPH. He's projectable, apparently. He has a commitment to Ole Miss.

38. Matthew Pope, RHP, Tennessee HS. Baseball America ranks him the No. 490 prospect in the country.

39. Jared West, LHP, Louisiana HS. He's a big, projectable-looking kid from Shreveport, and he has a commitment to Houston. He's the brother of Marlins 2005 first-round pick Sean West.

40. Zarley Zalewski, 3B, Pennsylvania HS. You can tell that mom and dad were probably Penguins fans, so it's no surprise that Zarley is from New Kensington. He's committed to Kent State. He went to Valley High School, also the alma mater of 2012 Steelers draft pick Toney Clemons.