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Justin Upton Rumors: Diamondbacks 'Not Looking For Prospects'

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Nick Piecoro reports that the Diamondbacks won't want prospects in a deal for Justin Upton, since they're still just four games out of first in their division.

"We're not looking for prospects," Towers said. "We're still in win mode. We're certainly not in sell mode at all."

Now that we've all had some time to think about this, it makes sense. This would seem to rule out the possibility of the Pirates acquiring Upton in a two-team trade, unless they pull a real blockbuster and deal Pedro Alvarez or something else completely wacky like that.

It does not, however, rule out the possibility of them acquiring Upton in a deal involving three or more teams, as some of you discussed in yesterday's Upton thread. In fact, that might be the most likely scenario, since any contender interested in Upton would likely be reluctant to part with several MLB-ready talents, except perhaps in a situation involving blocked players. Anyway, though, we can probably rule out the possibility of dealing for Upton straight-up.