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Mark McGwire Rips James McDonald, Wandy Rodriguez

Mark McGwire expresses frustration over the Cardinals' offensive performance in the last two games.

"This offense should never be shut out," said McGwire. "I’m all for tipping the hat if the pitcher is dealing. But these last two nights, (the pitchers) were very hittable.

"Getting shut out like that. . . I’m always troubled by that with this offense because our offense should never be shut out, especially by these two guys ...

"To my eyes, these guys were not dealing. They pitched well but all I know is this offense shouldn’t be shut out like it’s been the last two nights. It’s way too good."

Ha! Enjoy that, Pirates fans. I understand where McGwire is coming from, of course. McDonald really didn't look dominant, Rodriguez never really does, and the Cardinals' offense is great. But the frustration after the Pirates destroyed them the past couple days is fun to see. McGwire sounds like he's talking to himself on the way back to the dugout.

Via Dejan Kovacevic.