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Pirates' Response To Pirates Fan Advisor News

Brian Warecki from the Pirates just sent a statement regarding Pirates Fan Advisor. Here it is, in full.

The Pirates have no financial agreement or affiliation with and receive no financial benefit from the concept in any way, shape or form. The Pirates were approached by a long-time Pirates fan and Pirates Fantasy Camp goer, asking if the organization would consider feedback that he collected from the fans through his independent website in order to improve the experience at PNC Park. We agreed to consider any feedback he gathered as we are constantly seeking input from our fans through formal and informal channels.

The fact we agreed to listen to whatever information is collected is the extent of the Pirates involvement in the service and agreed to shoot a brief online video communicating as much. In order to avoid any confusion among our fans that we are in some way asking them to pay to provide us with their input, we have asked the video be removed from the site.

All of the many, many channels of communication remain available to our fans. Whether it is through our online surveys, social media platforms, customer service department, guest services stations at the ballpark, Season Ticket Holder Q&A events, fan forums at public events such as PirateFest, e-mail, standard mail or the many other options, we actively encourage our fans to share their experiences and opinions with us.