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MLB Latest Top 100 Prospects List Includes Six Pirates

Yesterday, Jonathan Mayo released his latest Top 100 Prospects list, and it includes six Bucs. Gerrit Cole at No. 8 (before last night's pounding) and Gregory Polanco at No. 95 bookend the list.

Mayo also rates the Top 20 Prospects for each team. Barret Barnes, the No. 45 pick in this year's draft, checks in at No. 11. Brock Holt is pretty appropriately placed, in my opinion, at No. 19, and Zack Von Rosenberg's strong finish helped him claim the last spot on the list.

Good work by Mayo, as always, but I have to wonder how none of the three prospects the Pirates traded to the Astros in the Wandy Rodriguez deal made their Top 20 list. I've got to think at least Robbie Grossman should be included.

Via White Angus.