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Erik Bedard signs with Astros

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

The Astros have signed Erik Bedard to a minor-league deal, an arrangement that could work well both for Bedard and for Houston, which still doesn't have a whole lot in its starting rotation. It's worth pointing out that, as annoying as it was to watch Bedard's sloooow and often-disastrous starts last year, he managed to post an xFIP of 4.05 while striking out 8.45 batters per nine. There's a pretty good chance there's still a major-league pitcher in there.

Bedard's 2012 season fell apart to such a degree that it was hard not to react to the Pirates' decision to let him go with anything but a sigh of relief, but that doesn't mean his career is over. He'll have an uphill battle (no witticism intended) in Minute Maid Park and in the American League, however. Good luck to him.