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FanGraphs profiles Luis Urena, Wyatt Mathisen and other Pirates minor leaguers

Justin K. Aller

RJ.Reynolds already did a FanPost about this, and I'm going to take the FanPost down because it quotes more of the material than FanGraphs would probably like us to, but RJ was right that this is well worth calling attention to.

Kiley McDaniel writes about Gift Ngoepe, Mel Rojas, Wyatt Mathisen, Luis Urena, Stetson Allie and John Kuchno. All his writeups are worth checking out, but he has particularly good things to say about Mathisen and Urena. Most of us already know about Mathisen, but Urena is a bit more obscure. McDaniel identifies Urena as a potential breakout player in 2013 due to his power. Tim, in his 2013 Prospect Guide, also identifies Urena as a breakout candidate. Urena's power and long frame are definitely intriguing, but if he's going to take a step forward, he'll need to cut down on his strikeouts -- he had 65 in 145 at-bats in the GCL in 2012.