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Dodgers announce new broadcast channel SportsNet LA

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

American Media Productions, a company created last month by the Dodgers, has announced the creation of SportsNet LA, a channel to broadcast Dodgers games starting in 2014.

You may recall that, a few months ago, the Dodgers were reported to be talking about a deal with FOX that would bring in $6 billion to $7 billion over 25 years. Well, FOX's window to negotiate exclusively expired, and the deal fell through, but Time Warner Cable came through with what seems to be a similar amount of money.

MLB hasn't yet approved the deal, and there's still the issue of how much of the money will go into revenue sharing.

The takeaway here, though, is that this deal is going to make the Dodgers very, very rich. Around MLB, this is just the next domino to fall. Expect to see more very lucrative deals like this in the coming years, particularly from teams like the Phillies and Rockies, whose TV contracts expire after next season. The Pirates' deal with ROOT Sports does not expire until after 2019, likely putting the Pirates at an even bigger disadvantage than usual until they can renegotiate it.