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Mariners to sign Kelly Shoppach; Is Danny Moskos a 'reclamation project'?

J. Meric

-P- The White Sox just signed Andrew Brackman, which prompted Matt Eddy to say that Brackman joins Trevor Reckling, David Purcey and Danny Moskos at White Sox reclamation projects. I know what Eddy is saying, but his comment still struck me as a little funny -- is Moskos a "reclamation project," really? What is there to reclaim? I saw him pitch the week he was drafted, and he didn't look anything like a first-round draft pick. (He had a mediocre fastball, and his so-called "wipeout slider," which later became a joke among Pirates fans, was nowhere to be seen.) The Pirates were probably the only team that had him in the top four on their board, but he was a consensus first-round pick, which immediately struck me as weird after I saw him pitch. Then, as a pro, he never did much at all -- there was one good partial season at Altoona where he looked like a decent future reliever, and that was it. You can't reclaim something you never really had.

-P- The Mariners have agreed to terms with Kelly Shoppach, which should bump Ronny Paulino down the depth chart. Shoppach has good power and plays defense fairly well but hits for very low averages and on-base percentages. He might have been on the Pirates' radar this offseason if the Bucs hadn't acquired Russell Martin, who cost a lot more but who draws more walks and plays better defense.

-P- Rany Jazayerli tries really hard to find silver linings for the Royals in the James Shields / Wil Myers trade. I feel deep empathy for Royals fans.

-P- The Marlins claimed Sam Dyson. Oh, well.

-P- Trevor Bauer sounds like he's going to make a good coach someday. This is a cool video where he explains the grips of all his pitches.